Arnold Pander -  Visual Artist / Creative Media Producer & Director

 Award winning producer, screenwriter and visual artist, Arnold Pander provides visual media  and narrative content for entertainment, brands and internal communication. 

As creative producer Arnold leads the creative direction of productions for Collaborator Studios and is a creative partner of Pander Brothers, facilitating, live-action and animated media content for entertainment, brands, and businesses of all sizes. Clients include: Panasonic, LG Electronics, adidas Originals, Island Records, Warner Brothers, Disney, Conde' Naste and more. 

Arnold also provides storyboards and narrative consultation for public facing and internal use. Clients include: Coca Cola, Nike, Intel, adidas Originals and many more. Arnold has provided storyboards for movies like “My Own Private Idaho, Maverick, and Spun among others. 

Pander co-wrote and produced the feature film Selfless that was picked up for national V.O.D. by Comcast and Time/Warner and by Entertainment One for domestic distribution. Pander co wrote & directed the short film “Subtext” that premiered at the prestigious Palm Shorts International Film Fest in 2014, Arnold has directed commercial spots for adidas Originals, Panasonic, and LG electronics and designed the animated title sequence for the horror parody, “LA Slasher”. Arnold co-wrote the Deee Lite Music video “Runaway” and provided production design for Jon Mayer’s “Who Did You Think I Was?” music video, both directed by Gus Van Sant. Arnold has to co-produced/directed music videos for rock bands that appeared on MTV 120 Minutes and MTV Amp.  Arnold was production designer for Palm Pictures’ music video movie, “Suck It & See” for British dance music producer, Howie B. Arnold most recently directed Music Video “Forever” for the The Dandy Warhols’ latest release on Dine Alone Records. 

While under the management of LA based Gotham Group, Arnold developed creative decks, concept art, animatics, and trailers while shopping original and franchise properties in Hollywood to major studios which have led to movie development deals with Anonymous Content, Legendary Pictures and Dark Horse Entertainment. 

As a Comics Creator, In collaboration with his brother, Arnold is an Eisner Nominated artist for the Dark Horse Comics series "Grendel: Devil’s Legacy". Pander has written and/or illustrated titles like "Exquisite Corpse"(Dark Horse Comics), "Secret Broadcast" (Oni Press), and "Tasty Bullet"(Image Comics) as well as franchise titles “Batman: City of Light"(DC Comics) “Nightmask” (Marvel Comics), the critically acclaimed graphic novel “GirlFIEND” and most recently “Dissident X”, both from Dark Horse Comics. Their original works in comics have been displayed at the Comics Art Museum in San Francisco.

Pander’s illustrations have been published in Details and Paper Magazine. In  2012, Pander was on-camera illustrator for ‘America’s Next Top Model’. Pander’s visual art has shown at the Hollywood & Downtown Standard Hotels in Los Angeles.

Pander has Executive Produced three original compilations of electronic music including, “Beat Logic”, an exclusive release with EMusic.Com and Secret Broadcast Redux, available on iTunes.  Pander is also  DJ Pan Am, who was resident  DJ for the Standard Hotels 2002 - 2005 and has opened for the likes of Grammy Award  Nominee, Janelle Monet, Tim Love Lee, DJ Doc Martin,  and more. 

2020 Projects - Pander recently coordinated the remote production protocols for the LA Based Hype Club’s animation team. Arnold recently created the visual content for an animated project with the LA Based, Titmouse Animation. Pander is currently writing and illustrating the follow up original graphic novel, “GirlFIEND” for Dark Horse Comics.

Arnold Pander - Brief Biography of a Multidisciplinary Artist 

Born In Amsterdam, Netherlands, Arnold Pander is a self-taught visual artist and digital media creator who writes and illustrates graphic novels, produces and directs films, music videos and animated content. 

Growing up with fine art and avant garde’ theater influences Pander became fascinated with comics at a young age, mimicking his favorite Marvel comics artists and accelling quickly to drawing the comics for his high school newspaper with elder brother Jacob. Arnold soon discovered graphic arts and fashion illustration, as well as  filmmaking projects with his brother. In 1985, fresh out of high school, the collaborative siblings began to undertake art and design projects as the Pander Brothers, forming their own graphic arts business in downtown Portland, Oregon where they created album covers, logos, and editorial art, leading to a stint doing T-Shirt designs for Nike. 

In 1986 The brothers were hired to draw indy  comic book series “Grendel” for Philadelphia base,  Comico Comics. With the cinematic and fashion forward style, Grendel was an overnight hit and became the biggest selling indy comic of its day and launched a 25 year long career in comics for the Pander Brothers, working for most the major comics companies including DC, Marvel, Image and Dark Horse Comics. After the successful release of Grendel, the Panders’ creative voices were discovered by writer & director Gus Van Sant who invited the siblings to collaborate on story ideas with him, which culminated in a joint feature treatment collaboration. This early mentorship gave Arnold a boost of confidence to develop as a writer for print and the screen. 

Throughout the remainder if the 80's Arnold and his brother illustrated  indy comic book titles, Ginger Fox and the innovative and controversial mini series  Exquisite Corpse that could be read in any order. These projects allowed Arnold to return with his brother to Amsterdam where the two wrote and illustrated the ambitious graphic novel, “XXX” for Dark Horse Comics. Living abroad, Arnold was awoken to a wide array of new influences from the traditions of fine art to political activism and the new sounds of House and techno that was broadcasting over the pirate radio airwaves. 

In the early 90's, Pander brought these  influences back home and into new projects that broke away from traditional comics. Pander was soon published in the pages of Details magazine, illustrating Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins’ spoken word satire on the back page of the long running Men's lifestyle magazine. Arnold’s shift to music related ventures continued when mentor Gus Van Sant, used one of the Panders’ ideas as the concept for the Deee-Lite Music video, “Runaway”. Arnold went on to co-produce music videos for rock bands that appeared on MTV 120 Minutes.  Arnold was then hired as production designer for Palm Pictures’ music video movie, “Suck It & See” for British dance music producer, Howie B. 

In 1994 "XXX" was published my Dark Horse Comics and was lauded as a 'Comix Masterpiece' by Mondo 2000 and led to the brothers getting noticed by DC Comics alternative line DC/Vertigo Comics doing guest artwork in comics titles like House of Secrets, The Invisibles and Doom Patrol.

But Arnold's interest in electronic music continued to grow and In 97’ and 98’ Arnold lived in NYC where he developed relationships with dance record labels Liquid Sky and Axiom Records, seeking new producers for his own electronic music projects. This culminated in the release of Secret Broadcast - a Pirate radio urban adventure graphic novel, published by Oni Press with an accompanying soundtrack of electronic music. Secret Broadcast CD / Comics Companion was gowned a a thumbs up in Spin Magazine and featured on MTV Music News and two music videos for Jamal-Ski and Pistel that  Pander co-produced and directed found rotation on MTV AMP. 

Arnold went on to Executive Produce two more Electronic music compilations; the exclusive EDM compilation, “Beat Logic” for EMusic .Com - the first online music streaming platform,  and  Secret Broadcast Redux where Pander enlisted recording artists Meat Beat Manifesto, Howie B, Dub Gabriel and 8 Frozen Modules among others and is  available on iTunes.

Arnold expanded on his passion for electronic music and began to DJ live events as DJ Pan Am, co-founding the popular dance night, ‘Exotica Go-Go’ in Portland and later, his pop-up event ’Mile High Club’.

In 1999 the Pander Brothers returned to comics and got their first chance to write and draw a Batman story for Batman Chronicles #21 and were also hired to draw the comics mini-series “Carvers” for Image Comics. The brothers were then enlisted to illustrate the four-issue mini series “Accelerate” written by Cyber novelist Richard Kadrey for DC/ Vertigo Comics.

in 2001 Arnold relocated to Los Angeles and and became the resident DJ for the Downtown and Hollywood Standard Hotels where he also featured his works in oil in their now infamous glass box.

Arnold soon forged a new collaboration with writer and conspiracy theory historian, Jon Vankin to create the graphic novel, Tasty Bullet. The property was picked up by Anonymous Content for motion picture development and Arnold was featured in Variety for his extensive background in comics. Arnold retained management with LA based Gotham Group and shopped projects with a host of LA based production companies including Disney, WB and 20th Century Fox. Arnold with his brother Jacob returned to their comics collaboration to write and illustrate a Batman Series, Batman: City of Light for DC Comics.

In 2005 Arnold was hired by Marvel Comics to draw the Marvel New Universe title, “Nightmask” along with illustrating the comic book classic reboot, “Famous Monsters”.

In 2005 Arnold returned to Portland to produce and direct their debut independent feature film, “Selfless”. Co-written and produced by Arnold and directed by Jacob, the chilling identity theft thriller starring Mo Gallini (End of Days, 2 Fast 2 Furious) won Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the 2008 BendFilmFestival and was picked up by E1 Entertainment for domestic release. 

In 2009 Brothers were soon hired by California based Steelhead advertising agency to direct commercial spots for Panasonic and LG Home Electronics. Arnold also provided production design for Jon Mayer’s music video “Who did you think I was”, directed by Gus Van Sant and continued to to DJ opening for major acts like Janelle Monet, Fantastic Plastic Machine and Doc Martin among others. 

In 2010  Pander and Vankin’s graphic novel Tasty Bullet was published by Image Comics and premiered at ComiCon International.

in 2011 Pander returned to Los Angeles with new management Conspiracy Media developing TV pitches for HBO and Sony while developing spec story treatments for the comics development wing of Legendary Pictures. Arnold’s fashion illustration work was noticed by CBS producers which led to Arnold being featured artist on season 3 of ‘Americas Next Top Model’. Pander’s comics were also featured in the hit HBO show “Bored To Death”. 

In 2013 Pander returned to Portland to launch the Pander Brothers new branding and production company, Collaborator Studios. Their flagship short film “Subtext” starring C.C. Sheffield (True Blood, Somewhere) had it’s premiere at the prestigious Palm International Film festival where it was given four out of five stars by Rotten Tomato contributor James Wegg. The brothers were then hired by Roundhouse Digital Agency to concept and direct the 2013 pre-line commercial spots for Adidas Originals. The Panders also explored new media narratives with their many original comics projects and launched their digital comics imprint FuseComics.Com where the brothers’ digital comics are integrated with video and music to enhance the entertainment experience. 

In 2015 The Pander Brothers released their next major graphic Novel “GirlFIEND” with Dark Horse Comics which garnered critical and fan response.

In 2017 Arnold returned to music projects directing the music video “Honesty” for hip hop recording artist 3rd Twin which garnered festival accolades in LA, NYC and Nigeria and was screened at the Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem NY. In 2018, Arnold directed the second music video for 3rd Twin, “Rebel” in the streets and bridges of NYC shot entirely with the iPhone 7.

In 2018 Arnold directed the music video “Forever” for rock band ‘The Dandy Warhols’ first release off their album, ”Why You So Crazy” on Dine Alone Records, and was featured in Billboard Magazine. 

In 2019 the Pander Brothers released of the expanded graphic Novel “Dissident X”, (formerly XXX) with Dark Horse Comics.

Arnold is currently working on the follow-up graphic novel to GirlFIEND and developing the brothers’  next feature film.

Arnold has a monthly DJ night as DJ Pan Am every first Saturday at Key’s Lounge in Portland, Oregon.

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